About Lyra Adams


Hello! Glad you stopped by.

I am affectionately known as the Queen of Synchronicity, only because I am always experiencing events that are way beyond coincidence. I do not officially have a crown with this title, but I’ve been dreaming one up and it would not surprise me if one doesn’t just appear someday soon.

I also have a thing about swords – they are great for cutting through the b.s., don’t you think? Oh, and I am a tad fascinated with castles and all things Camelot. My life is an extraordinary mixture of extreme blessings, divine intervention, and tragedies that often turn to triumph.

Areas of lifelong interest are astrology, divination, channeling, meditation, herbs, flower essences, and holistic healing. I view many of these topics as tools for tapping into my favorite subject of all ~ consciousness.

Some people say I am a dreamer … and that is true. I am a dreaming empath, but so much more. I am a mother, grandmother, author and podcaster. I am an advocate and champion for those that have been victimized. I hope that my work helps others who want to heal and level up on their spiritual path.

To date, my writings have focused on self-help within the holistic healing spectrum. However, I am currently working on a fictional series. I also host the podcast, Breaking Free ~ Healing the Emotional Effects of Sexual Abuse. I am an advocate for males and females who are victims, survivors and eventually SUR THRIVERS!


Media Info for Lyra Adams
Ms. Adams is available for interviews on a wide range of topics. Examples include:
Empaths - Dreams - Sixth Sensory Living - Healing Emotional Wounds
Manifesting & Co-Creation - Synchronicity - Channeling - Living Inspired Lives
Please send all inquiries to contact@lyraadams.com