Smartlove Method For Real Lasting Love

The highest love relationship exists and is waiting for you …

When you fall in love, it is natural to wonder:

Is this my one true love

or another Mr. or Ms. Wrong?

Finding a mate with traits you desire can seem like a tall order in the world of dating.

What if you found a logical method for not only attracting that potential lover like a bear to honey, but being able to easily discern if they are “the one” for you?

Real Love ~ Finding "The One" Lasting Relationship reveals how to secure the love you want and deserve. In it, you will discover the Smartlove10 Method to turn your love life from absent or dismal to something that brings you great inner satisfaction.

Gain wisdom and construct a strong foundation for your relationship. Capture how to keep things moving and alive instead of falling into dark stagnant periods of isolation.

Readers and listeners shared:

“…Lyra Adams has succeeded in portraying the essential of all self-help books I have read over the last decades. Through this little gem, she intuitively accompanies her readers to evolve without judging them and gives them hope that life can be magical at times….”

“This book should be required reading for many before they fall in love. It also contains great advice and helpful tips for those, like myself, in a committed relationship…”

“…The Smartlove method in the book is logical and hits on all the right attributes anyone would want in a great relationship. Highly recommend this book! “

“The smart love method is the best comprehensive advice on relationships and how to give and receive love that I have ever read…”

“…Made a dramatic difference in our relationship and taken our love to new heights.”

Hi, I'm Lyra and I want to ask you a very simple question ... what are you waiting for?

Discover the secrets I (and many others) have lived and learned. For less than the cost of lunch, you can rock your love life and change your world. Catch the wisdom ....

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