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I wanted to offer a new section of communication emphasizing ideas, articles, links and products to assist in being our best. First, allow me to disclose that I recommend products I would use myself. All product suggestions and opinions are my own. This may contain affiliate links that are no additional cost to you. Some items are free. Yet, I want to be transparent that I could earn a small commission. The full affiliate link policy is here

Second, always keep in mind that I am not a medical expert --- just someone interested in health, wellbeing and longevity. Please consult your own medical providers as you deem necessary before utilizing a product or idea. This way, you can make sure it is right for you and your lifestyle. Now, the legal stuff is over!

Is there anyone who does not want to live longer, appear younger, healthier, and stronger? I know I do! Read On ….

Collagen Peptides

Your skin will love and respond to this product. I have used it for three years and noticed a huge difference when I stopped for awhile. I know when I put a scoop of this in my smoothie or coffee each morning, I am feeding my skin from the inside.

Before I purchased this product originally, I researched ingredients and read reviews. This is "the one" that works for me. It is tasteless and easy to consume in many beverages hot or cold.

                          ZINT Beauty Elements Collagen

Favorite New Eye Cream

Over the years, I have purchased so many different creams for the delicate eye area. Some were very costly! This one is not and I love it. Results were within days as well. It uses plant based stem cells. The only negative is that I often get a little too much of the product when I squeeze it. If that happens with any eye cream, always best to apply the overage to the delicate neck area.

DermaE Stem Cell Eye Lifting Treatment    

This eye cream treatment dries fairly soon upon application and other cosmetics apply over it with no problem. 

Longtime Favorite Anti-Aging Cream

Each day, I use this super light cream on my face and neck after cleansing. It definitely helps diminish fine lines and plumps up the skin a bit. It dries quickly and it is easy to apply other skin care or cosmetics over it once absorbed into your skin. Very light on the skin and non-greasy or oily.

Andalou Naturals has an excellent line of products!


Andalou Hyaluronic DMAE Lift Firm Cream

New Favorite Face Sunscreen

(Doubles as BB Cream)

Remember when the BB cream craze was happening? I tried this product as a recommendation from a friend and I really like it for everyday use.

CeraVe Tinted Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen adjusts to your skin tone. I do not know if it works for deeper olive, brown or black skin tones, but it did adjust to my skin and did not appear as if I was wearing foundation. It also is available without tint.

This sunscreen is light enough you could apply foundation over it. I only put foundation on now when I am really "going somewhere". For everyday use, this is perfect because the tint evens my skin tone out a bit plus it provides protection from the sun with an SPF of 30 and other extra nice ingredients to hydrate the skin.

 CeraVe Tinted Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen


 Face Yoga

In February of 2022, I began performing daily face yoga. While I have practiced a few facial exercises over the years, I was not regular about it—at all. It was a hit and miss thing. Now, I do the face yoga daily!

The best time and place for me to do this is waiting for my computer to boot or some similar task. Any point in my day when I would be idle or waiting. Of course, you could do this while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, although you may receive some stares. Pick a place and time that is perfect for you. Perhaps while having morning coffee or tea would be ideal.

Now, what is face yoga? I love following Danielle Collins’ methods. She is the world leading face yoga expert. She has a great Youtube channel and two very helpful books to choose from as well. Click the book covers to check those out.





Pelvic Floor Health

This next item is for the females. From young women to those in their senior years, strength of the pelvic floor is important and can weaken from many conditions. Some of those include:

Accidents such as falls or vehicular
Sudden weight gain or loss
Pregnancy and childbearing
Carrying children or heavy objects
General weakening of the fascia and ligaments in this area
And more ….

Many times, one or more internal organs above the pelvic floor may sag down in what is called a prolapse. This can occur with the bladder, uterus, and bowels. Prolapse of one of more organs has different stages of severity that a specialist in this medical area can determine.

Whether you have this situation going on now or could in the future very much depends upon the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. I have been using the following DVD to strengthen that area for several months. I believe it is excellent. While a little pricey for a DVD (I actually paid more for it on eBay), it is something I use almost every day and would not be without it. I believe it is life changing.

As always, consider your current health and circumstance before performing the exercises. This is beyond just doing Kegals, but I did not find hard. There are four levels. I waited until the first level was a breeze for me to perform before moving to level two, where I am now. Check out the DVD by clicking on the cover.


Best Glucosamine Supplement

With all those new moves, you might need something to help you feel more limber. Sometimes, I get some pain in my left knee when kneeling or doing exercises. I began taking this supplement below, Move Free, and have found that after only taking it for three days, I had no pain. It has definitely made a difference. This is something I will take all the time now. The only negative for me is that the pills are huge. I have been swallowing them whole with water, but you could use a pill cutter to halve them for ease.

Easy Healing Stretches


Easy Healing Stretches DVD is excellent for boosting energy, relieving pain and making you feel more overall vibrant. Again, if you currently have physical conditions that may become worse with movement, consult your medical provider first.

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