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Dreaming Synchronicity ~ Journey of an Empath
My first book - a creatively written memoir of my strange but beautiful life and how many have experienced similar things.


The Magical Empath Book I ~ Healing & Evolution
I was compelled to write this with my muse pushing me through this comprehensive guide to living a more magical life. This is Book I and Book II releases July 30, 2021.


BLOOM ~ Holistic Healing Methods For Sexual Abuse
This book is a labor of love for those who have a need to heal from sexual abuse. I also host a podcast on the same subject matter that is available to listen to for free.


Real Love ~ Finding "The One" Lasting Relationship
My latest book which released on May 22, 2021. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but do read the early reviews coming in now on this book. Also available as an audio book. Click Here to read reviews and the book synopsis.