Affiliate Disclosure

At various times, affiliate links may be utilized. In case you are not familiar, here is an example of how these links work: If I have used a product or service and like it, I may recommend it. If that item provides an affiliate program I join, I can mention the product in one of my posts and provide a link to the product or service. The code in the link tells the site that I made the referral.

Affiliate links are like getting extra credit for things you would normally recommend. Each time someone purchases the product from the link, I get a small percentage from the sale as a thank you for referring a customer.

Hopefully, you understand that I only refer to things I like or would use. Legally, I am required to disclose to you if I may receive some type of compensation for affiliate links. Please note that I also recommend things that do not contain affiliate links. My message is about helping others, not creating affiliate links. Again, if something I enjoy or think has value and want to share has an affiliate link, great. But that is not the overall aim and goal of what I share with you.