BLOOM ~ Holistic Healing Methods For Sexual Abuse

BLOOM ~ Holistic Healing Methods For Sexual Abuse

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6 x 9 Soft Cover Edition

Do you ever feel you are walking against the wind?

Are you ready to experience expansive relief from mental and emotional suffering?

Coming to a higher level of wholeness and healing is entirely possible. You can still live your best life ever!

Why is it important that sexual abuse survivors heal? There are a myriad of mental and physical health challenges that can present for those hurt in this way. Additionally, emotional patterns need to be examined and remedied so they can live a fulfilling life. Sadly, the suicide rate is high among survivors who do not heal.

For some, addictions become a way of coping with feelings they do not want to experience in everyday life. Another set of compelling reasons to heal is victims of sexual abuse tend to either become self destructive or turn aggressive toward others.
Many survivors heal to a degree, yet never fully reach a whole state where they can experience a full and beautiful life.

With over twenty chapters, this book covers every aspect of emotional healing from sexual abuse. Real life methods are given for not only coping, but thriving. Holistic helpers are revealed that can speed the recovery of emotional wounds as you transform with nature.

Lyra Adams, host of the podcast Breaking Free – Healing the Emotional Effects of Sexual Abuse, has put forth this beautiful guidebook for those trying to see light at the end of the tunnel. Recovery is possible and probable when you take the hand of someone who has walked some of the same roads you have in life.

“My hope is that my sisters and brothers affected by sexual abuse will find these holistic methods of healing so beneficial they cannot help but bloom.” ~ Lyra Adams